Guided Upland Bird Hunts

Aspen Outfitting CO Guided Upland Brid Hunts

Aspen Outfitting Company has offered guided bird hunting for pheasant, chukar and grey partridge, quail, sharptail, blue, and ruffed grouse, dove, bandtail pigeon, and waterfowl for over 35 years. Our hunting and shooting venues offer outstanding local hunting in western Colorado, as well as Saskatchewan and Ontario, Canada. Our guides are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, our dogs are experienced and well trained, and our shooting venues are simply the best that can be found.


Pheasant and Chukar Partridge Hunts

For the Aspen visitor who is seeking a thrilling, high-quality upland bird hunting experience, we offer day and overnight trips to a fabulous 8,000-acre western Colorado wing-shooting venue. The ranch offers upland bird hunting from Spetember 1 until April 1, so the bird hunting enthusiast who is tired of the same-old, same-old skiing and snowboarding routine will love a day afield with stunning views, well-trained gun dogs, top-shelf shotguns, and lots and lots of birds. Pheasants and chukar partridges are the primary upland species on this venue. Several thousand birds of both species have been released since the inception of the club in 1990. As a result, approximately 35% of all birds encountered are either hold-over or ranch-hatched wild birds, with the remainder being released in the European style.
This venue is located about 2 hours’ drive from Aspen, so an early start is recommended for day hunts. Another attractive option is an overnight stay in the sumptuous lodge, furnished with beautiful custom buffalo-leather sofas and classic western ranch accents. Views are breath-taking, and the on-site kitchen features culinary delights that you’d expect to find in the finest restaurants. A two-day shooting trip with an overnight stay is highly recommended.

dove hunt using aoc shotguns

Dove Hunts

You can pencil in September 1 as the date for our annual dove shoot near Delta, Colorado. We have leased some of the prime agricultural lands in the area for terrific dove hunting. Located on the Gunnison River, this venue has it all—grain fields, tall cottonwood trees for roosting, water—and thousands of doves. This is a two-day shoot, so plan to spend the night at the ranch where we can arrange lodging.

Blake Blue Grousegrouse shot with an aoc shotgun

Blue Grouse Hunts

For the upland bird hunter who thinks he has done it all, we’re willing to bet he hasn’t hunted blue grouse on horseback over pointing dogs in the Colorado wilderness high country. Our outfitting partner has extensive experience guiding for this remarkable bird, and you won’t find this hunt offered anywhere else in Colorado. Dates are very limited, so call early if you’re interested in this unique experience.


Apen Oufitting CO, Guided Upland Bird HuntsSASKATCHEWAN

For the more adventurous wingshooter, we offer some of the finest upland bird and waterfowl hunting in the world on our exclusive Saskatchewan wild-bird leases. Our lodging, provided by the landowners, is clean and comfortable, and meals can be tailored to specific wishes. The wingshooting is simply beyond belief. Grey (Hungarian) partridge and sharptailed grouse are the primary upland species, while all manner of ducks and geese, including pintails, mallards, teal, gadwall, ringnecked ducks, scaup, redheads, and canvasbacks, as well as greater and lesser Canadas, specklebellies, and snow geese, can be shot over decoys. The birds are plentiful, with the upland species being the primary focus of the hunt. The skies are vast and wide open, and our leases are so extensive that you’ll never see another hunter. Our repeat clientele have marked out their days to join this excursion. Call to see if we have room for you.




ontario huntONTARIO

If you’ve always longed for the classic ruffed grouse hunting scenario, we own some of the finest ruffed grouse cover in North America. Days of 25-30 productive points are not uncommon, and woodcock are abundant during their migration and can offer exciting gunning. We have hundreds of acres of superb ruffed grouse cover. Our lodging in modern, comfortable country inns, and the food and wine are representative of the rich heritage of the region.
This may be the finest ruffed grouse hunt you’ll ever experience, so book well in advance to reserve a date.








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