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Edible Aspen Magazine features Aspen Outfitting Company and Jon Hollinger

The Edible Communities group of publications espouses 'Timeless values', focusing their articles on business and people that are authentic, sustainable and local. For the Fall 2010 edition, Edible Aspen featured Aspen Outfitting Company, and our annual Mourning Dove hunt in Delta County. The beautiful photos by Gary Hubbell accompanying the article are reason enough to take a look, not to mention a few recipes for preparing the harvest

GLOBAL VISION Magazine features Aspen Outfitting Company and Jon Hollinger

A telecommunications publication, Global Vision includes editorials on the destinations and lifestyles of the tech-elite. Executive editor Jeffrey Bradford has participated in several of our activities over the years, and wrote about his experiences for the Summer 2010 edition.

Aspen Outfitting Company WebLog

Aspen Outfitting Company has been providing world class fishing and hunting expeditions and fine sporting products to a discerning clientele since 1969 . Check our blog to get insightful commentary on the Aspen area, photos of our newest Vintage Shotguns, and updates about ongoing AOC offerings.

Meet Jon Hollinger

Jon Hollinger, founder and owner of Aspen Outfitting Company in Aspen, Colorado, became involved with the gun-fitting aspect of the sport, and continues to import and distribute upland bird guns from Armas Ugartechea of Eibar, Spain.

“What is a boxlock shotgun?”

That is a question that we often hear when we’re guiding upland bird hunts or giving shooting lessons. It’s a good question, one for which many accomplished shooters don’t know the answer.

Balanced Loads

Balanced shotgun loads: the most effective shotgun hunting ammunition, or why Remington, Winchester, Federal, Kent, and Fiocchi need to change their recipe on their shotgun hunting ammunition.


There are thousands and thousands of upland bird hunters and serious shooters who have no idea how much a properly fitted shotgun would benefit their shooting.

Over-Under Versus Side-by-Side Shotguns

It’s time to get rid of that old pump gun and buy a nice hunting gun! Often, the best gun, in their opinion, is an over/under shotgun. But is an over-and-under shotgun really the best choice for upland bird hunting?

The Ultimate Hunting Shotgun

Three of the world's foremost shotgun experts sat down with a bottle of good scotch in 1994. One of the three, Jon Hollinger, had issued a challenge to the other two, Michael McIntosh and Terry Wieland: If they could design a fast-handling, lightweight, well-made side-by-side boxlock double gun at a very reasonable price, what features would it have? Each man was given a yellow legal pad and went to a quiet corner to write his own list. The result? The Aspen Outfitting Company Small Game gun.