Maker Westley Richards
Caliber 12-bore
Barrel Length 30"
Chamber Length 2 3/4"
Right Barrel Choke Imp. Cyl. (0.719
Left Barrel Choke Full (0.694)


Rib Game Concave
Accessories Birmingham Credentials
Safety Auto
Stock Detail

Nicely Figured

Prince of Whales hand

Splinter Forend

w/ Deeley release

Stock Length

14 5/8 "


Priced at  $16,000


A beautifully engraved Birmingham gun. The Westley Richards drop-lock is one of the most sought-after actions by collectors and upland hunters alike. This gun is in great condition, and has 2 3/4" chambers proofed for 1 1/4 oz. Black Powder and Nitro loads.

This gun also comes with some interesting history and provennance. According to the Westley Richards leger, the gun was ordered for a member of the royal family. Which Member is anyone's guess, as the folks up in Birmingham are notoriously closed mouthed, and have consequently not revealed that tidbit of information.