The Side-by-side

or Double-Barrel Shotgun:

By either name; light and responisve,

A joy to shoot!

The Side-by-side shotgun has long been regarded by serious upland bird hunters as the definition of a classic field shotgun. Double-barrel shotguns are not only handsome and elegant, but the simplicity of a double gun makes it very safe and reliable in the field.

Increasingly, many shooters who formerly shot over/under shotguns have realized the superiority of the side-by-side design. One of the most outspoken supporters of the classic double gun just happens to be Jon Hollinger, of Aspen Outfitting Company, who has long been regarded as one of the most knowledgeable shotgun experts in North America.

Mr. Hollinger has been a professional gun-fitter, shotgun shooting instructor, as well as a professional outfitter and pheasant, quail, partridge, and waterfowl hunting guide for almost 40 years. Over the course of his long career, Jon often fielded questions about 'the perfect upland shotgun' from many of his clients. Happily able to name the features and designs that made certain American, English and European doubles desirable in the field, Jon found himself unable to name the one 'perfect' gun. Many of the famous names were long on features and finish, but were generally in a price-range that made their use in the field questionable.

Then in 1999, an opportunity presented itself. Together with shotgun maker Ignacio Ugartechea of Armas Ugartechea, Mr. Hollinger was able to design a functional, elegant side-by-side Spanish shotgun based on the famous Anson & Deeley boxlock design. Named the AOC/SG and exclusively imported by Aspen Outfitting Company, the lovely Spanish side-by-side game gun now comes in 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 bore. A host of premium features puts the the AOC/SG above any other side-by-side in its class.

The Blue Book of Gun Values outlines the premium features of the Armas Ugartechea Model AOC/SG Side-by-side shotgun as follows:

"MODEL AOC/SG - 12, 16, 20, 28 ga., or .410 bore,

2 3/4 inch chambers, Anson & Deeley boxlock action with extra polishing and fitting of parts, scalloped action shaping, 28 inch chopper-lump barrels, IC/Mod choke, Brass front bead sight, concave game rib, Double-trigger with articulating front trigger, Southgate auto-ejectors, automatic safety, free-floating firing pins (bushed), true hand-engraved receiver with celtic border scroll, upgraded European straight grip walnut stock and splinter forend with Anson-style plunger release and 24-points per square inch checkering, inlaid forend screw eschtcheon, hand-checkered buttstock, initial shield, case hardened action, longtang trigger guard with comfort roll, upgraded wood finsh."

Added to this long list of excellent features, these guns come with a lifetime warranty. That being the case, the AOC/SG certainly offers the best value in SxS shotguns in the world today.


Bespoke Sidelocks

By Ignacio Ugartechea:

London-Best Quality at a fraction of the price

For the shooter seeking a best gun today, there are various options. However, for the shooter looking to avoid price tag and hassle inherent to dealing with the English and Italians, Spain has long held the answer. The Ignacio Ugartechea sidelock shotguns, the highest quality guns made by Armas Ugartechea, are imported exclusively by Aspen Outfitting Company. The action blocks are forged from high-tensile Spanish steel and are machined to exacting specifications. The fine workmanship of these side-by-side shotguns is evident in the fit and finish of metal and wood, and engraving patterns. The locks are built on the Holland & Holland bar action design, which includes double intercepting sears and transverse support members for positive safety.